Bigg Boss OTT 2 : Jiya Shankar Indirectly Taunts Abhishek Malhan For Insulting Tv Actors ?

Bigg Boss OTT 2 :

Jiya Shankar and Abhishek Malhan were very good friends in Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 and the fans used to love watching them together and at one point Jiya did mention that she also liked Abhishek.

Abhishek Malhan’s recent interview with Zoom, where he spoke about TV actors turning into YouTubers. A clip is going viral where Fukra Insaan mentions that many actors from the small screen have decided to open YouTuber channels. He talked about the power of YouTube, stating that the medium holds significant viewership and power. “YouTube me itni power hai. Literally, jab hum bahar aaye to dekha ki TV actors YouTubers ban gaye,”


The Bigg Boss OTT 2 star lashed out at netizens, who categorise actors as ‘TV actors’, mentioning that they work very hard for the sake of their shows. Taking a stand for TV actors, she said that they give their blood, sweat and heart to make a show successful.

“These “TV ACTORS” some people make it sound like it’s an insult ! We’re ACTORS. Period. We shall work in every single platform if gotten the opportunity and because we gotta pay our own bills doing what we LOVE to do ! These actors audition every single day for different shows, ads, web, prints, films and face rejections like its a part of the process. Wishing hoping praying “ONE DAY” I’ll be on that silver screen/ I’ll be the lead face of a TV show , I’ll have my billboards all over the country. Laakho aate hai Mumbai hero/heroine banne ,

“And talking about these “TV ACTORS” They work for more than 12hrs every single day !! Lead actors do not get days off ! When the show ends/ goes off air , these “TV actors” go back to square one ! “AUDITIONS” There are no shortcuts to success. RESPECT TO EVERY PROFESSION. Period. This msg is firstly in general for everyone who put actors in a category! And secondly as long as people in general who fight for their dreams to become/achieve something on their own will have immense respect in my heart.

Be it Actors, Content creators or Youtubers. In the end all of us are hustlers. Actors become youtubers/influencers , youtubers become actors. Many youtubers have “also” become actors/ have tried acting. if given a chance why wouldn’t/shouldn’t they?

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