Naagin 6 Popular Actress Jasmin Bhasin Got Death Threats?

Jasmin Bhasin : In Ekta Kapoor’s Naagin show, a very shocking case has come to the fore regarding an actress who made Naagin. The actress made such disclosure in her interview, after which everyone is surprised. The actress has told that she received threats of rape and murder, and she was that mentally disturbed badly. This actress is none other than Jasmin Bhasin, who plays Tara in Naagin 6.

Jasmin bhasin has disclosed this in a recent interview. He told that at one time he got trolling as well as threats of rape and even murder. While disclosing this, Jasmin bhasin started crying bitterly. Actually, all this happened when Jasmin came out of Bigg Boss 14. When Jasmin Bhasin came out of the show, while on the one hand people praised her a lot, on the other hand, she also got angry with her.

Jasmin Bhasin spoke during an interview with News 18. He said he had to face a lot of trolling after coming out of the show. He told me that I only talked about trolling, when I came out of Bigg Boss house, people gave me dirty filthy abuses. Jasmin further said: – I received threats to kill, Rape and me. And why all this? Because I did the show and I didn’t like them. Jasmin wept while telling this. Jasmin said that after all this, she was badly disturbed by the mental phase.

And still trying to overcome it. Jasmin said that she took advice from professionals and overcame it with the help of her friends, families, and people who love her. Jasmin says that today she does not even care whether someone is trolling her or not. Trolling is a small part of them now. Jasmin said that those who love her will definitely try to return her love from her side.

Let us tell you that Jasmin has been a very popular contestant during Bigg Boss 14. His chemistry with Aly in the show was also well-liked. People also liked the lovely nature of Jasmin. But many times due to the fight with other contestants, Jasmin also came under the target of the people. There have been many times when the trollers did not like his nature in the show. However, even after coming out of the show, the trollers did not stop targeting Jasmin. And this thing is surprising many people.

Well, when the stars come under the target of trollers, they make a huge impact on them. Although Jasmin is fine now, she has recovered from all these things. Let us tell you that Jasmin will be seen in Vikram Bhatt’s film and is also going to be a part of a Punjabi film.

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