Popular Show Naagin 6 Last Episode Will Come On This Day

Naagin 6 is moving towards its finale. Where on one side the excitement of watching the upcoming track of Naagin 6 is being seen in the fans, on the other hand there is also the disappointment of the show being off-air. Ekta Kapoor herself had announced the closure of this season long ago. But now the date has finally come to the fore on which the grand finale of the show will take place. Not only this, but till when Naagin 7 will come, a lot of news has also come to the fore.

well as you know that the show will be in the middle of Febraury but till now the last date of the show was not revealed. But now according to the latest reports, the grand finale of Naagin 6 will happen exactly after 2 weeks i.e. on 11 and 12 February. The latest news also came out that before the grand finale of Bigg Boss 16, the last episode of Naagin will go on-air.

On the other hand, news has also come out about Naagin 7 that after taking a break from season 6, Ekta will take a break for a few months. Where else to go that Naagin 7 can knock at the end of the year 2023 or in the beginning of the year 2024. As Naagin 6 knocked. Well, you know that Ekta’s new show Beauty and Beast is going to come soon on Colors TV. In which the news of Shivangi Joshi and Shaleen Bhagot and Isha Singh playing important roles is also coming to the fore.

Where is it going that Ekta currently wants to focus on her new project. Only after this project will Ekta bring Nagain 7. Please tell that Naagin 6 went on-air in the year 2022 on February 12 only. Now the end of the show is going to happen exactly after one year on February 12. And with this, Naagin 6 will also take the title of the highest episode season ever. However, now it remains to be seen at what point Naagin 6 will end.

How will be the grand finale of the show? And will the end of Naagin 6 hide any major hint of the story of season 7 or not? It will also be interesting to see. Well what would you like to say about this news, do tell us in the comment section.

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